Being the personal chronicle of a life in American Theatre:

From the glory days of the Off-Broadway movement, to theatre’s present decline,
and towards its uncertain future.

“Conerico Was Here to Stay” was Gagliano’s first Off-Broadway hit. It took place on the New York subway station. 



Welcome to my Website.

Come on in and explore my Off-Broadway productions and full play and musical theatre catalogue (texts and mp3 tracks); various short play-and-prose Bits and Pieces; a novel (Anton’s Leap); assorted Facebook TributesArticles and Essays; and (after a teaching career spanning 40 years) my insights into the art and craft of the writing of plays.

Whether you write, direct, produce plays or act in them; or just enjoy reading play texts; or if you want to get a sense of the exhilarating 1960’s energy that triggered this journey to today . . .  you might find navigating through this new a rewarding journey.


My works

“One will never be able to accuse Frank Gagliano of being a writer who has forgotten that it is called ʻplayingʼ for a reason.” – Greg Holt

Access my plays, musicals, monologues, articles, and essays here!




. . .a potpourri of stuff. . .

On “Last Words”

[Facebook essay: 28 August 2020] On “LAST WORDS” (My Latest Plague Diversion, Leading To “Pub Faustian”) . . .I’ve been re-reading the works of playwright, George Bernard Shaw (GBS), and came across his last words: “Dying is easy, comedy is hard” — a phrase used many...

The Moment (New Song)

 (ASCAP) Lyrics, Frank Gagliano Music, James Rushin (Demo track below: Jonathan Mousette, vocal; James Rushin, piano) Sometimes I'll glimpse it,Maybe at night,Often when I'm sitting all alone.Sometimes I'll sense it,Out there in space,Even when I'm...

Holographing the Playtext

ANGLES OF VISION FROM A PARTICULAR PLAYWRIGHT, ABOUT THE SPECIAL PRESSURE COOKER THAT IS DRAMA.  by Frank Gagliano    Beginning quotes and notes toward a book: HOLOGRAPHING THE PLAY-TEXT   (or DEMONSTRATING THE PLAY-TEXT) — a new approach for theatre practitioners who...


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